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WMH Wind Mills 2 x Two Tier Solar mild Up Windmill along with Solar Panel + 2 Spotlight Heavy responsibility twin Solar mild WMH130 – MS black UK

wmh-wind-mills-2-x-two-tier-solar-light-up-windmill-with-solar-panel-2-spotlight-heavy-duty-double-solar-light-wmh130-ms-black UK

BTV Haus & Garten Solar Outdoor Lighting UK

Brand: BTV Haus & Garten
Type: Home & Garden
Category: Lighting

WMH Wind Mills 2 Tier Solar mild UK

  • Robust, weatherproof * * model and type made of solid, varnished wood colour: Assorted Colours (see image), New: 2 storeys and 2 balconies
  • Size XXL (approximately 130 cm/1.30 m, hexagonal design, proportional circumference and diameter (see below), waterproof wood/shingle roof
  • New for variable position of solar course and 2 lights (all included) allowing for a reliable capability supply in the evening - can be charged in sun or cloud. - , along with the help of light-weight sensor and on/off switch (cannot guarantee instructions are in English)
  • Complete along with the help of solar: along with the help of twin solar lighting * * * along with the help of 2 LED spotlights 100,000 hours/2 V solar module, NiMH battery, cable for variable use, instructions in English and German
  • In 8 classic colours, fully functioning, a amazing decorative item for your garden, patio, porch, balcony.
'From BTV * together along with Label *: massive Weatherproof * * Windmill made from wood to be selected 100 cm/130 cm sailor model Amsterdam 2 storeys 2 balconies
Robust very fine wind mill comes accomplish together along with amazing outstanding two times solar lighting Suitable for outdoor use (see below * * * * *).
High quality, stable wood/, shingles, weatherproof, functional and very in fact together along with durable ball bearings - with a stable wood roof and 2 balconies
New: 8 colours, on the current market put in red, dark brown, mottled easily mobile brown, orange, blue, green, black, Contents: Windmill and head + 1 wings + two times Solar Lighting * * *.
Roof Colour just want you're on offer or by email after purchase.

The roof and the upper part of the windmill This lovely a catch for your garden together along with a waterproof stable wood - Wooden Shingles in chic subtle colours Decorative an announcement.

The roof of the windmill and wings are rotatable by 360 ° and very straight forward to remove, the sails are in fact ball bearing mounted and fully functional.
The height of the mill among them the wings is on many different up to 130 cm (51.2 inch) approx (see pick above), Core/proportional circumference to approx.

50 - 70 cm; edge Spannweiten approx.

70 - 90 cm, unique: Variations in details/design possible.
Instructions: * * Vorim Prägnierte design - Long everyday daily life thanks to the subsequent treatment to protect the wood, hand made goods may be sizes differences of +/-10%.
'Includes * * * two times Lighting set together along with Solar Panel for > 100,000 hours - German company, top quality: Technical data for the fully robotic two times illumination set ("Lighting set Windmill): 2 LED spotlights 100,000 hours, 1 solar panel 2 V, 40mA (Solar Panel), 1 AA NiMh rechargeable battery, 600 mAh 1.2 V, accomplish together along with 1 m cable and fixing accessories, together along with instructions in English and German, no have for batteries, together along with on/off switch and easily mobile sensor.
accessible In Red, Dark Brown, Mottled mild Brown, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Contents: Windmill And Head + 1 wings + twin Solar Lighting * * *.
Roof Colour want You're On Offer Or By Email After Purchase.

The Roof And The Upper Part Of The Windmill This Lovely A Catch For Your Garden along with A Waterproof great Wood - Wooden Shingles In fashionable Subtle Colours Decorative An Announcement.

The Roof Of The Windmill And Wings Are Rotatable By 360 °
And straight forward To Remove, The Sails Are clean Ball Bearing Mounted And Fully Functional.
The Height Of The Mill including The Wings Is On various Up To 130 cm (51.2 inch) Approx (see vast array Above), Core/proportional Circumference To Approx.

50 - 70 cm; edge Spannweiten Approx.

70 - 90 cm, Unique: Variations In Details/design Possible.
Instructions: * * Vorim Prägnierte Design - Long daily life Thanks To The Subsequent Treatment To Protect The
Wood, Hand Made Goods May Be Sizes Differences Of +/-10%.
'Includes * * * twin Lighting equipment along with Solar Panel For > 100,000 hours - German Company, Top Quality: Technical Data For The Fully an automatic twin Illumination Set ("Lighting equipment Windmill): 2 LED Spotlights 100,000 hours, 1 solar Panel 2 V, 40mA (Solar Panel), 1 AA NiMh Rechargeable Battery, 600 mAh 1.2 V, extensive along with 1 m Cable And Fixing Accessories, along with Instructions In English And German, No demand For Batteries, along with On/off Switch And mild Sensor.

WMH Wind Mills 2 x Two Tier Solar mild Up Windmill along with Solar Panel + 2 Spotlight Heavy responsibility twin Solar mild WMH130 – MS black UK

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How to choose solar solutions for outdoor lighting. Based on solar energy, outdoor lighting with solar solutions is an ecological way to give your terrace, attic or garden a new decorative and functional touch. A system that takes advantage of sunlight to charge and stay lit at night Choose from the multitude of shapes and colors of these lamps.

How does solar lighting work? This type of solutions are those lamps that obtain light from solar energy, that is, from the use of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun. A system that collects light rays and converts them into electricity thanks to their photovoltaic cell panels. It is a renewable energy based on solar panels, whose commitment to solar energy implies an environmental investment and prevents global warming.

Thanks to its LED technology, these lamps charge their battery (incorporated) during the day and when it detects that there is no light, it turns on automatically. They work without installation or cables, completely independently and can get up to 8 hours of light when your battery is fully charged.

What solar solutions for outdoor lighting exist? Solar solutions have the advantage of being able to be installed in any space, since they do not require the electrical network for its operation. They also have the advantage of lighting themselves during the night and turn off during the day to recharge their battery.

What is IP protection? Another consideration to take into account when choosing outdoor spotlights for attic, terrace or garden, is the degree of IP protection that this can provide. The IP protection is the international standard used to publicize the technical data of electrical and / or electronic equipment (lighting, meters, etc ...) that classifies in degrees of protection level of these equipment against the entry of moisture or foreign materials.

In this way, for example, when a piece of equipment has the IP67 acronym as protection, it means. The letters IP identify the protection standard IEC 60529. An effective system to classify the different degrees of protection provided by the different electrical and electronic equipment. The first number, 6, describes the level of dust protection. While the second number, 7, describes the level of protection against liquids or humidity (normally water).

As a general rule, it can be established that the greater the degree of IP protection, the more protected the equipment is. Most outdoor spotlights vary between an IP of 40 to 67 degrees. An effective protection for your stay in the open air and in front of the inclemencies of the weather.

How to install outdoor solar lighting. Solar lighting has one of the best advantages compared to other outdoor lighting systems, and it does not need any type of installation. Since it does not require cables and its operation is completely autonomous, it is sufficient for you to choose the points of your outdoor spaces that you need to illuminate and that you place in them your lamps, spotlights or beacons. Yes, try to get sunlight during the day so they can charge their battery.